In Android-land right now, the phone to beat by most accounts is Samsung’s Galaxy S 4. The GS4’s been around for several months now, but Samsung’s managed to keep it fresh in our minds, and so far another another Android has yet to emerge with the wherewithal to knock the GS4 down from its perch. Today LG let loose its G2, and while it certainly sounds good on paper, how will it really compare against the GS4 when we put them head-to-head? We took a look at LG’s even today in order to find out for ourselves.

Will the G2’s odd no-button-along-the-edge design make it a better fit in the hand than the GS4? How does the Snapdragon 800 compare performance-wise to the GS4’s 600? And what of all those software features and gesture controls LG touted during its announcement; will they deliver, or end up frustrating us like so many of the GS4’s own “gimmick” features?

Take a look below and see for yourself what we had to say about how the G2 compares to the Galaxy S 4.

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