With the G2, LG is no doubt going to find itself at the center of plenty of comparisons to Samsung and its Galaxy S 4. We just gave you a hands-on look at how the two Androids compare, but we also wanted to take a closer look at a G2 accessory that just screamed “Samsung” at us when LG announced it prior to the G2’s actual launch: the G2 QuickWindow case.

Just like Samsung’s S-View cover, LG’s QuickWindow gives you easy access to your phone’s display, offering information on incoming calls, giving you media playback controls, or just showing you the time at a glance.

Now that we have the chance to check out QuickWindow for ourselves, we can really start figuring out if this is just a shameless Samsung rip-off, or if LG has managed to take a good idea and make it even better than it began. Watch below to learn what we discovered.

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