The LG G2 is a fine Android – not one that really blew us away at first, but stuck in our memory long enough to convince us to revisit its review score (for the better). But despite this, the phone just hasn’t been selling that hot. There could be a lot of reasons to explain the lack of interest – more competitive models from other OEMs, or even LG’s own G Flex serving as a distraction – but could the G2’s size have a little to do with it? After all, it’s ever so slightly larger than some other flagships, even with those tiny bezels. LG may be wondering that very same thing, as we get word today that the company’s supposedly working on a G2 Mini.

The thing is, as “mini” versions of flagships go, this one doesn’t really sound all that small. Instead of the 5.2-inch display on the original G2, this handset would shrink things down to 4.7 inches – so we’ve got a “mini” phone with the same size screen as the full-sized HTC One.

There’s no word on resolution, and while 1080p would be nice, it’s hardly guaranteed. Luckily, it sounds like most of the other high-end specs are staying put, including the Snapdragon 800 and 2GB of RAM.

Honestly, that all sounds pretty nice, but it just might be six months too late. Assuming this rumor is legit, LG may intend to have the G2 Mini ready to exhibit at the CES in January.

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Via: phoneArena

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