LG G Watch vs Samsung Gear Live: Android Wear smartwatch faceoff (Video)

Many of you are in the same dilemma: buy one of the available Android Wear watches now, or wait on the hotly-anticipated Moto 360 from Motorola? Since we have the first two in-house, we thought to pit them head to head in a full LG G Watch vs Samsung Gear Live comparison video.

At first glance, both of these watches look incredibly similar — square slabs of Android Wear goodness. But when you look beyond their outer layers, you realize how different the hardware really is. The similarities end for the most part at the OS, IP67 certification, and similar looks.

We go over just how much the Gear Live’s extra button and 100 mAh of battery power will help, and how processors compare at this pint-sized watch form factor. In case you want to just see what’s different in terms of specs, we’ve got you covered there as well.

We don’t know yet how Android Wear will end up doing when these watches start ending up in the hands of the average consumer, but our initial impressions are positive. For a full look at just what’s different between the two (while you wait for our full review), check out LG G Watch vs Samsung Gear Live right down below.

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