LG G Watch R review: a solid smartwatch at a steep price (Video)

If you’re shopping for a new smartwatch in the Google Play Store, you’re faced with a sea of choices from chic to super-minimal … but only one stands out as a watch that would survive an extended dose of real-world use and abuse. If that’s the kind of thing that winds your crown, then the LG G Watch R is very possibly your next Android Wear smartwatch.

The G Watch R brings more to the table than its hulking stainless-steel body, of course. Its P-OLED display is just as sharp and vibrant as the Super AMOLED on Samsung’s Gear Live, and it’s a perfect circle to boot. Its software load is more packed with custom watchfaces than almost any other Android wearable, and its battery is a large 410 mAh pack that keeps the G Watch R soldiering on for two to three days (even with Ambience Mode enabled).

But all this Beefaroni comes at a price. At $299, the G Watch R is $50-$100 more expensive than any other Android Wear device in the Google Play Store – pricier even than its next-roundest competition, the Moto 360. Combine that with a smaller display, a stiff stock wristband, and bezels that only a mother could love, and you’ve got a smartwatch ripe for some holiday discounts. But assuming the G Watch R goes the way of its R-less predecessor and resists the markdown gun for a while, is it worth the extra dough?

Find out, in our LG G Watch R review!

LG G Watch R review (Video)


LG G Watch R vs Moto 360 (Video)

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