The first Android Wear smartwatches are just around the corner, with both the LG G Watch and Motorola Moto 360 getting ready to make their commercial debuts. For the G Watch, we’ve already heard the manufacturer confirm availability for sometime this quarter, but just when? Could the watch launch this month, like we’re hearing the G3 will? Even if does, when might sales actually begin? And how much could we hope to pay for the wearable? While some details are still a little lose, today we make some major headway, as details about G Watch sales in France get confirmed.

Over in France, LG will begin selling the G Watch sometime this June. While we suppose it’s possible that other regions might get the smartwatch a bit earlier, the safer money’s on seeing them get it in June, as well. As for pricing, French shoppers will pay just about 200 EUR for the G Watch. Again, this doesn’t directly clue us in to what the watch might fetch elsewhere, but based on how this market tends to operate, we’d expect that means that the watch would sell for $200 in the States.

That’s quite the competitive price, putting the G Watch on an even playing field with models like Samsung’s Gear 2 Neo. But while Samsung’s Tizen-based efforts are optimized for use with Samsung phones, the boarder compatibility of Android Wear may give LG and the G Watch a real advantage in the market.

Now we’re curious to find out what the Moto 360 will go for. Will that round display and stylish design make the watch markedly more expensive than LG’s effort?

Source: Les Numeriques (Google Translate)
Via: Unwired View

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