LG G Vista for Verizon sure looks a lot like G3 in leaked pic

One week back we heard about LG’s model VS880, supposedly destined to find a home at Verizon as the G Vista. Fair enough – Verizon certainly has a penchant for assigning new names to the phones it picks up – but just which device would the G Vista be? Well, the G3 on Verizon is expected to be VS985, and the G2 last year was VS980. We’ve heard suggestions that the G Vista VS880 could be something like a G Pro 2 or a Mini version of an LG phone, but we lack model numbers for Verizon-specific variants to compare this to, and LG’s numbering scheme makes it difficult to extrapolate numbers based on existent handsets for other regions. As if the G Vista wasn’t confusing enough, a newly leaked image of the phone has just emerged, and darn it if it doesn’t look just like a G3.

Certainly, that rear button/camera package is lifted straight from the G3, and that screen image featured is also one used for G3 renders. Really, we’d assume that this simply was the G3 for Verizon, with the carrier giving it a new name, were it not for the presence of that VS985 model number complicating things; we can’t very well have two G3s for Verizon, can we? A UA Profile for the VS880 also mentions a 720p display, which pretty much dashes any chance that this is a G3 itself.

So what just is the G Vista, then? For the moment, we’re left without any strong ideas for possible contenders, beyond what’s already been suggested. Could this be a G3 Mini? Maybe, and that might very well explain why this phone looks so similar to the full-sized G3, but that’s just guesswork – though the idea of it getting a 720p screen appears to line up. We’re going to have to either keep looking for definitive evidence tying this model VS880 to a known LG model, or wait for Verizon to come clean with launch details.

Source: @evleaks

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