LG G Stylus to replace the (unpopular) LG VU?

Ever since Samsung tested out the waters with its phablet (and the Note line-up quickly became very popular), LG was eager to get in the game as well. The original Optimus VU was unveiled at the 2012 MWC, followed by the VU II post 2012 IFA, and the VU 3 at the end of September 2013. LG’s take was different than Samsung’s from two main perspectives: the VU phones didn’t use a stylus (or pointing device), and adopted a 4:3 aspect ratio for the screen.

From what we can deduce from @evleaks’ latest tweet, the VU line-up will be replaced (?) by the LG G Stylus. However, if this will indeed be the case, we won’t be seeing just a line-up name-change. The LG G Stylus monicker, by itself, teases the existence of a stylus (a pointing device), something which was dearly missing on the VU, which, managed to make it to one of our “Worst Gadgets” episode. With the current LG phones out there (and we mean G2, G Flex, and G3), do you think that the LG G Stylus will stand a chance or will the upcoming Note 4 kill it?

Source: @evleaks

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