So far, LG’s had an interesting relationship with phablets. The devices we’ve seen have either seemed a little odd, like the whole Vu series and their 4:3 displays, or like pale imitations of the Galaxy Note, like we saw with the Optimus G Pro. One big way LG’s efforts have fallen short of Samsung’s has concerned the absence of a stylus; certainly, the S pen has become a key component of the phablet experience Samsung brings users. With the new Vu III and its stylus, we finally saw LG getting ready to play catch-up in that area, and now its efforts look to continue, with a leak revealing the presence of a stylus for the Optimus G Pro’s upcoming cousin, the LG G Pro Lite Dual.

Assuming it’s true, that stylus bit is the good news – or at least partially. From appearances, this is a regular old capacitive stylus, so while we don’t expect the precision of the S pen nor its pressure sensitivity, LG’s solution does appear to have one thing going for it: sliding into the phone itself for storage, just like with Galaxy Note models.

That said, everything else about the G Pro Lite Dual spells compromise: the 1080p 5.5-inch display from the original Optimus G Pro gets downgraded to qHD, the SoC takes a hit down to a dual-core 1GHz component, and storage is cut to a mere 8GB.

Not everything is changing for the worse – there’s still a 3140mAh battery, and an eight-megapixel main camera (not all G Pros had 13MP shooters, at least). The phone’s physical size should also be nearly the same as the original.

So far, we’ve only heard of plans to bring the G Pro Lite Dual to Russia, where it would sell for about $400, though we’re curious to now see if LG will implement a stylus on other phablets elsewhere.

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