Is the LG G Flex really self-healing? Here’s the real-world test (Video)

If you’ve been paying attention to the Pocketnow crew the past few months, you’ll know that one of us is somewhat enamored of the LG G Flex. We spent much of this week’s podcast talking about our week with the unusual phablet, its curved casing a breath of excitement in an otherwise stolid and straitlaced world of right angles.

But there’s more to the G Flex than the subtle hint of bananaphone in its chassis. LG’s latest Android device also brings another first to the high-end smartphone world: a “self-healing” coating designed to seal up minor scratches in a few minutes’ time, keeping the phone looking newer longer.

We’ve seen LG demonstrate the Flex’s scratch-resistance in a lab test, and our friend Marques Brownlee also spent some time putting the G Flex under the knife. For our part, we’re most interested in seeing how the device deals with the day-to-day challenges faced by today’s smartphones – so we set up a string of tests for our G Flex ranging from the benign to the abusive. From coins to keys to pavement to posterior, we put our review unit through a carefully tailored type of hell: the kind that only a modern smartphone can know. To see how LG’s newest creation fares, check out the video below – and be sure to stay tuned for our full LG G Flex review, coming soon!

(Looking for a G Flex of your own? Visit our friends at Negri Electronics to pick one up for your collection!)

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