The LG G Flex. We’ve unboxed it, compared it, reviewed it, compared it again, beat the hell out of it … and we’ve even re-reviewed it. We flew to San Francisco to better understand it and we podcasted until we were blue in the face about it. In every possible sense of the word, it’s more than fair to say that Pocketnow has “covered” the G Flex.

But the test units we tooled around with for those excursions were from overseas – South Korean models designed and built for an entirely different part of the world, with all the attendant foreign carrier bloat, region-specific radio bands, and hilarious curious DMB-TV modifications that we couldn’t help but deliberately misuse.

The playful scamps that we are.
… the playful scamps that we are.

So in all our testing back in December, we never got a real grasp of what the G Flex was capable of in a market it was actually meant to operate in.

Thankfully, LG has teamed up with a well-known American wireless carrier to help us correct that. While the G Flex will be available for U.S. citizens to purchase at Sprint and T-Mobile USA, it was a decidedly more orange operator that served as our device conveyor for this followup review period: AT&T. As Ma Bell happens to be the fastest LTE carrier where I live and work, I jumped at the chance to see what the G Flex was capable of on a genuine 4G connection.

Watch for that report later on – right now, we’re taking the G Flex out of its retail packaging for the first time. And while the box is now more conventional and the awesome earphones are absent, it’s still a lot of fun to take the screen protector off such a curvaceous piece of glass. Join us for our LG G Flex AT&T-edition unboxing, and drop us a line in the comments if you have your heart set on seeing something specific in our brief followup later in the week!

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