LG G Flex 2 unboxing: hands-on with a hotrod (Video)

The LG G Flex 2 (or “LG G Flex2” if we’re being properly hip about it) is a substantial re-working of the company’s original G Flex, which we reviewed back in 2013. The G Flex 2 broke cover at CES 2015 last month, brandishing a smaller footprint, improved internals, a revised self-healing coating and a Full-HD P-OLED display not so prone to burn-in as its predecessor’s. LG jokingly called the device “the best smartphone of 2015” when it rolled out the demo units on that January day barely a week into new year … but the combination of its Snapdragon 810 processor, available 3GB of RAM and Android Lollipop do indeed make for a potent gadget cocktail that, at the moment, has no peer in the smartphone landscape.

We’ll see how well the G Flex 2 stacks up against its predecessor –and its competitors– in our full review and comparison coverage coming later in the month. Right now, we’re here to see what a retail device looks like when a customer shells out enough clams to take it home (currently around $800US in Singapore, according to CNET). In other words: we’re here for an LG G Flex 2 unboxing, and by gum, we’re not leaving until the tape is cut and the screen protector is peeled away.

Join us as we free the G Flex 2 from its packaging, and be sure to leave a comment on our community LG G Flex 2 post to make your questions heard! We may answer you in a dedicated video, in our full review, or in a coming special-edition Pocketnow Weekly podcast … so stay tuned!

LG G Flex 2 Unboxing

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