The LG G Flex 2’s curve, explained (Video)

The most distinctive feature of LG’s brand new G Flex 2 is the curved screen, and that’s mainly because of the fact that it’s largely an unprecedented move to incorporate such design in smartphones. But does having that bend actually result in anything useful for the end user? Sensing our readers’ concerns, our men on the ground in Las Vegas whipped together a video showing off both the good and the bad things about the LG G Flex 2 curve.

LG touts ergonomics as one of the most important parts of the G Flex 2, so we explore that by going through a bunch of practical situations. We put the phone in our back pocket, against our face (to simulate taking a phone call, though who even does that anymore?), and did other such things to gauge what the difference really was compared to flat-screened counterparts.

The results we found are documented in the embedded video; go ahead and watch it, and then let us know in the comments if you think a curved smartphone is something that you’d actually want, or simply a gimmick. Finally, follow us around the web, as we’ve got lots more coverage coming from the CES show floor in Las Vegas in the coming days.

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