The LG G Flex 2 is the best smartphone of 2015 (so far)

Some phone makers have to scramble to combat the wave of people reporting its new models are bending… other manufactures embrace it as a feature! The latter being the case for LG’s latest smartphone, announced at CES 2015, the G Flex 2 – and based on its spec sheet and our hands-on experience, it’s already the best smartphone of 2015.

Will it bend?

LG G Flex 2 eventWhen shopping for a new phone or tablet, we generally look at build quality as a major deciding factor. Bending is usually an indicator of sub-par workmanship, and whether consciously or not, products that bend quickly earn a “pass”.

Last year LG wowed us with a phone that was not only curved, but it could “flex” as well – challenging the “bendy is bad” stereotype. Then the company one upped that by adding in a self-healing feature that remains all but unrivaled by any other manufacturer today.

This year LG is taking that same subtle design (which ergonomically hugs virtually any curve on the human body) and is packing it with some amazing specifications – but we’ll get to those in a moment. Let’s get back to the bendy part!

In addition to its trademark flexibility, this time around LG has reinforced the corners of its flexible flagship to help the phone stand up not only to flexing, but to drops on its corners. As you and I well know, corner-impacts are some of the most devastating ways our smartphones receive damage. Since the whole device has some “give” to it, the impact forces of drops can be absorbed by the entire device, but it’s nice to know that special consideration has been given to the corners.

That screen!

g3 g flex 2The screen is similarly reinforced thanks to a special chemical bath that bestows some pretty impressive characteristics into the glass slab. LG has even gone on the record here, promising the glass in the G Flex 2 to be 20-percent stronger than Gorilla Glass 3.

Alas, LG isn’t divulging what’s in their “special sauce” that makes the G Flex 2‘s screen so durable, but we’re sure there’s some kind of sorcery at work.

The screen on the new G Flex is a half-an-inch smaller than last year’s model, but its resolution is 1080P HD rather than the 720P on the original G Flex. Compared to the LG G3, however, the screen size is the same, but not quite as crisp. As you’ll recall, the G3 has a QHD screen with a pixel density of 534ppi. The G Flex 2 measures in at 403ppi, but that’s probably just fine on a 5.5-inch screen.


Self Healing PhoneOne on the most lauded features of the original G Flex was its ability to heal itself. We tortured that poor little phone – and captured it all on video – just to show you how well the self-healing thing really works.

TL/DR: pretty dang good, but slower than we’d have liked.

The G Flex 2 not only includes self-healing properties, just like its predecessor, LG tells us that it can recover from scratches in seconds – not minutes like the previous generation. Sure, there are limits, gouges aren’t going to miraculously fill in, but admit it, any kind of self-healing is flat out amazing!

Specs up the wazoo!

Yeah, laser auto focus on the camera is cool, but 2015 is the year of the 64-bit smartphone, and the G Flex 2 doesn’t disappoint with a Snapdragon 810 powering the beast.

The battery is a respectable 3,000 mAh, but thanks to the rapid charging “smarts” inside the Snapdragon SoC, with a compatible rapid-charger you can get a half-charge in only 40 minutes. That’s impressive, really, really impressive!

“… it looks like something from the future!” – Michael Fisher

It's 2015 already! The future is NOW!

It’s 2015 already! The future is NOW!

Although the phone has not yet been released, we’re told it will be coming soon in a few different configurations, some sporting 2GB RAM, others with 3GB. Storage is on-par with what we’d expect: 16GB and 32GB. That’s where things get really interesting.

In addition to supporting a microSD card (something too few manufacturers are including these days), this slot will accept cards up to 2TB in size. Yes, terabytes – tera-flippin-bytes! To put that in perspective, that’s my entire music collection AND my entire movie collection, all on a card the size of my thumbnail. No, 2TB microSD cards aren’t exactly growing on trees right now, but I suspect we’ll start seeing some before long – now that there’s a phone to support them!

I try to avoid speaking in absolutes as often as possible, but this is one time where I can say that this phone – the LG G Flex 2 – is the best phone of 2015… so far.

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