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LG Friends pricing: what will the G5’s accessories cost you?

By Stephen Schenck March 22, 2016, 5:07 pm

LG’s new flagship G5 is getting ready to make its retail debut, with the MWC-announced phone set to land in just over a week. Depending on where you pick the phone up, you might find yourself paying anywhere from $576 to $630 on carrier installment plans – or even a stupid-high $800 for an unactivated handset. And while G5 pricing itself is no secret, it’s been more difficult to get hard numbers for the G5’s myriad accessories: the LG Friends. With those set to also begin making their debut, we’re finally picking up info from different markets about just what all this hardware will cost.


We already saw a carrier G5 deal suggest a $200 retail price for the LG 360 CAM, and that appears to be backed up by a UK listing for just under 200 GBP.

Assuming that straight pounds-to-dollars relationship holds (as it often does in the smartphone world, exchange rates be damned), we might expect the LG Cam Plus add-on grip to sell for around $70, though South Korean pricing suggests it could go as high as $85.

Once again turning to UK and SK listings, the LG Hi-Fi Plus looks like it will sell in the $150-160 range. Both this and the LG Cam Plus should be available in the week following the G5’s release.

Unfortunately, we’re not much closer to knowing when to expect LG to release its LG 360 VR headset, but at least we have some new insight about pricing, with the visor likely to cost about $200.

Finally, if you’re interested in picking up a spare battery for your G5, expect to pay $30 to $35.

Update: Now we’ve got a listing from a US retailer affirming that $70 pricing for the LG Cam Plus.

Source: Clove, LG Korea
Via: GSM Arena, Android Authority


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