LG foldable phone design of 2016 shows up at patent repository

The World Intellectual Property Organization has published a design patent from LG for a “mobile terminal” that can fold in on itself. However, it’s not as sexy as you think it would be: fitting for a filing submitted September 28, 2016, the design involves two separate though flexible displays powered by dedicated batteries that curve into a hinge.

The patent, dug up first by LetsGoDigital, contains drawings that show the potential use cases of the applied software. The device doesn’t fold the full 360 degrees, but it does make it past 270 degrees. Just one display can be used as needed or the two displays can be used to expand the views or show two different applications. Two headphone jacks can be utilized to listen to separate media sources on each display, for example. Or, one display can be used as a keyboard while the output can be monitored on the other one.

If this reminds you of what happened with the ZTE Axon M, well, perhaps that’s why we didn’t see this design come out of LG. With the lack of commotion going on about the Axon M, it’s easy to guess that this wouldn’t have been commercialized to great success. And as it seems that we’re still far away from flexible OLED displays with transistors that can survive two years of frequent bending.

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