LG puts the fingerprint sensor under the glass

Fingerprint sensors became bog standard on high-end phones last year and have crept into less expensive devices this year. But it’s been a bit dry in terms of innovating on biometric security. Sure, Qualcomm has its Sense ID tech that enhances print scans with ultrasonic waves, but as far as we know or care, it hasn’t been spread around just yet.

We may see advanced fingerprint scanning processes get implemented by LG, though, as LG Innotek has debuted an under-glass fingerprint sensor module. The sensor works under a glass depth of 0.3mm and has a false positive rate of once in 50,000 times. The measure the company uses to describe how durable the sensor is? It supposedly can withstand a steel ball dropping upon it from 20cm in height.

Such a sensor would obviate the need for a cut-out, a raised section or even a physical button on smartphones for conventional modules and can give design teams a bit more freedom.

In the end, it’s more fingerprint security for everyone and, just possibly, a better option for OEMs to pick up.

Source: LG

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