The LG V35 ThinQ has made headlines with its presence at AT&T and Project Fi today, but Google’s carrier also picked up the G7 ThinQ today. Ma Bell had refused to carry the device at launch, telling the press that it was looking forward to a bigger release, supposedly the V35, in the summer. The question left — why?

LG has told AndroidHeadlines that as it was working its relationship with AT&T, just as with other carriers, the company was told that the network wanted to promote its DIRECTV NOW content heavily and was looking for a great, vibrant OLED display unobstructed by a notch to showcase its media. The Super Bright LCD on the G7 ThinQ, while brighter than most other smartphone LCDs in the market, still can’t pull off the dynamic range that an OLED panel can.

AT&T later sent a statement to the same outlet saying that these factors were not part of why the company decided against carrying the G7. That said, in addition to helping its ailing wireline TV services recoup on the mobile side, it might also grab a few tech enthusiasts who agree with its supposed stance on displays.

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