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We recently found out the LG was planning to kill its G series, as well as preparing to launch a new premium smartphone series to replace it. Now, Naver News reports that the new LG series may arrive on May 15.

A new report from Korea suggests that LG will soon launch a new premium device to replace the G series. According to this report, LG held a product briefing for three Korean telecoms, where they also gave details of the launch date and the fact that these devices would support 5G connectivity. However, these devices would arrive with a Snapdragon 7 series processor inside. On the bright side, this new processor would Allow for aggressive pricing. With this new product strategy, we could see LG’s aim focusing more on delivering midrange options. As far as pricing goes, this new device could arrive with a price in the $720 range.

Source GSMArena

Via Naver News

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