LG Connect 4G MS840 for MetroPCS Revealed (Images)

This is the LG Connect 4G for MetroPCS, a mid-range Android with four-inch WVGA NOVA display and dual-core processor. Supposedly it features a five-megapixel rear camera plus VGA front-facing webcam, along with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of built-in storage (expandable via microSD). As its name suggests, it’s an LTE-capable handset, although as its MS840 model number hints, it’s considered lower-end than Metro’s version of the Optimus Black, the MS855 LG Esteem.

What’s most interesting about this phone actually has nothing to do with MetroPCS at all: apparently the same model will hit Verizon as the VS840 and, even more importantly, could be one of Sprint’s first LTE-infused handsets (as the LS840). Currently Sprint’s 4G network is based on Wi-Max technology, but the company is planning to roll out its own LTE network this year, as rival 4G networks from VZW and AT&T are proving much faster than Wi-Max.

No word yet on when the Connect 4G or the other two variants will see release, but we’d surprised if we didn’t learn more in the coming days courtesy of CES 2012.

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