LG Chocolate BL40 Revealed in Some Official Photos

We first revealed the new LG BL40, which is going to be a part of the LG Chocolate family, a month or so ago, and now LG is revealing some official press shots.

The Chocolate is a sleek, widescreen dumbphone with multitouch capabilities and a nice form factor that will rival for the attention and hearts of smartphone owners.

Here’s what we said about the forthcoming Chocolate from before:

The elegant, narrow 4-inch display is a marvel. If rumors are to be correct, the display will be in 21:9 scale featuring a multitouch 800 X 345 resolution multitouch screen that is made of scratch-proof tempered glass. Not only is the design attractive, but it will also feature a Flash-based UI, AGPS, WiFi, 7.2 Mbps HSPA 3G data connectivity, and a gorgeous hardware case that makes the slim but wide and tall Toshiba TG01 look clunky.

Could this be your next dream phone?

(via: Engadget Mobile)

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