The Nexus family may still be Google’s home for stock Android experiences, but the lineup’s been seriously changing in recent years. Sizes have changed, pricing’s been all over the place, and the latest rumors have suggested that this year could be another one full of new ways of doing business, as we get not one, but two new Nexus phones. Yesterday we checked out a report claiming that not only could we be looking forward to a pair of Nexus phones, but that we might not see a new tablet at all. At the time, the source provided some new info on that phone hardware, including a pair of codenames. As it turns out, the details may have been backwards, as suggested by a just-uncovered AOSP comment.

The way we first heard it, LG was supposedly developing a 5.2-inch phone with the codename Angler, and Huawei was working on a 5.7-incher that goes by Bullhead.

Instead, this AOSP comment from late last month alludes to Bullhead specifically as an LG device. Presumably, that would make Huawei Angler.

Both Angler and Bullhead, you’ve probably noticed, are names of fish – fitting with Google’s Nexus sea-life-based codename assignment strategy that’s given us models like Hammerhead (Nexus 5), Shamu (Nexus 6), and Flounder (Nexus 9).

Source: AOSP
Via: Android Police

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