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LG bootloader unlock tool finally launched, but not for everyone

By Jaime Rivera June 2, 2015, 8:15 pm

Even though certain platforms don’t really care much about hacking into phones any more, rooting Android devices is still one of the most popular reasons why people love the operating system. Sadly, OEMs don’t seem too fond of having you root their devices, up to the point where certain devices are notoriously difficult to root or unlock. LG has gained a certain level of fame in this department, and even if the company promised a bootloader unlock for the LG G3, that didn’t necessarily happen.

Just to be clear, yes LG did just launch its bootloader unlock tool, but the problem is that not everyone can use it. It promised this tool for its aging LG G3, and as it turns out, the tool currently only works on the LG G4. Before you start clapping in joy, even LG G4 owners have specific limitations to access this tool. At the moment the service only works for LG G4 units that were sold on the EU open market, so you can bet your existing carrier device will not play well here. LG has promised that it’ll be adding more devices progressively as time goes by, but no time frame was provided, and a list of devices to be supported wasn’t clear either.

If you do apply, there’s a full step-by-step instruction section to help you get through the service. We should learn more about support for other devices in the future.

Source: LG
Via: Android Police

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