LG is working on an official solution for bootloader unlocks

Bootloader unlocking has always been a hot subject, and there’s been no shortage of debate regarding it. Custom ROM flashers and others who want complete control of their Android devices are vocal about the fact that they want bootloaders to be unlockable, but carriers like AT&T and Verizon have made manufacturers ship their devices with a bootloader not officially unlockable. Recently, manufacturers like HTC and Samsung have taken steps against this: the former has an official bootloader unlocking tool (though it won’t work on phone models carriers deem un-unlockable), and the latter has been releasing developer-positioned variants of its flagships on big carriers. Now LG is wanting to go the HTC route and develop an official LG bootloader unlock method.

The company is looking to please the crack-flashers among you, while not alienating its relationship with the carriers, as this email to a senior XDA member reads:

Thank you for your feedback regarding bootloader unlock and
we are sorry for any inconvenience and disappointment that have been caused by lack of support for bootloader unlock on the latest LG smartphones.

We are already aware of many developers’ requests and opinions on bootloader unlock.
So we have been preparing a server to provide safer bootloader unlock.
Also, we are internally discussing the target model and the time of providing bootloader unlock.
However, it will take some more time due to the technical restrictions, security issues, and the policy of mobile carriers.

We deeply apologize that we are unable to support bootloader unlock right now and would like to ask for your kind understanding.
We will let you know more specific information when the support policy for bootloader unlock is decided.

So, yeah, we don’t know much about the tool: how it will work, and which devices will be supported, is still very much up in the air. But it’s coming, and that’s a good thing.

Source: XDA-Developers
Via: Phandroid

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