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LG bendable smartphone described by patent filing

By Anton D. Nagy November 27, 2018, 9:00 am
lg bendable

Flex, Foldi and Duplex are three trademark filings that LG has filed, that were uncovered last week. Judging by their names, they most likely will describe some sort of foldable or bendable product, as that’s the new trend every OEM is moving towards. However, the folks over at LetsGoDigital have uncovered another trademark filing for a rather interesting device. This time around, it’s an LG Display patent filing, meaning the display division is at least considering this option.

Filed with KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office), the patent was granted and published on 23 October 2018. It describes what appears to be a bezel-less smartphone (or device) with a flexible display that wraps around the device’s case. While the case or the housing itself is fixed and non-foldable, the display is flexible and bends and folds around, covering all edges, to eventually unfold into a tablet.

What’s different here compared to other designs and patents, like Samsung’s, is that when unfolded, the LG device will have its case on the left, with nothing but the screen on the right. The pictures above (concept) and below (trademark filing drawings) are pretty self-explanatory.

The usual word of note is obligatory: this is a patent, so there’s no guarantee that we’ll see a commercially available product soon, or ever. Another note is that this is not a WIPO filing, but a KIPO filing, which is a local one.

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