LG may not be ready to supply Apple with any OLED iPhone screens this year

The consensus among mobile industry pundits, analysts and insiders is that Apple will be unveiling two new OLED iPhones in the fall, following in the footsteps of last year’s single “all-screen” model, which marked the long-anticipated debut of the popular display technology on the world’s most profitable handset family.

To avoid any kind of potential trouble with the 5.8 and 6.5-inch panel production, Samsung is reportedly looking to make an early start as soon as next month. Apple has also been working hard to find a backup supplier, not just for this year’s generation, but future iDevices as well, including the first foldable variant. Unfortunately, LG may not be able to get those millions of OLED iPhone “X Plus” screens done in due time, which would leave Cupertino in the uncomfortable position of relying exclusively on arch-rival Samsung yet again.

That’s a problem in terms of both ego and money, as a single supplier, especially one not particularly friendly with Apple from various other standpoints, could dictate a higher than usual price point for the entire partnership. Samsung has already made a fortune off of the initial iPhone X success, struggling to keep up with demand for months before radically slowing down production.

As far as LG Display is concerned, the company has certainly made progress in its modernization attempts, but said progress might be too slow to guarantee a key place in the 2018 iPhone supply chain. Still, Apple is likely to continue trying to cooperate with the second best OLED-producing chaebol for diversification purposes.

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