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LG Apollo Brings 720p Multitouch Display to Windows Mobile 7!

By Chuong Nguyen January 18, 2010, 2:24 pm

It looks like Windows Mobile 7 may in fact support HD decoding on the device after all—well, we certainly hope so despite previous rumors to the contrary. The LG Apollo is rumored to be a Windows Mobile 7 device with a WXGA resolution, bringing the display to 1280 x 720! Among other features, the Apollo will also support a 10-megapixel camera, CDMA/GSM/EVDO/HSPA hybrid world phone making it destined for Sprint and/or Verizon Wireless, and a multi-touch AMOLED 3.8-inch display. The device will also use a single-core Snapdragon processor, clocking in at 1.3 GHz rather than the 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon design froM Qualcomm.


For comparison, the 3.8-inch AMOLED WXGA display is the same size as the HTC Touch HD; however, the Touch HD only has a display resolution of 480 X 800 (WVGA). The larger-screend 4.3-inch touchscreen on the HTC HD2 also supports only a WVGA display. The increased number of pixels on the LG Apollo at WXGA, if rumors are true, should make for a crisp viewing experience of videos, photos, texts, and content. Web browsing should be joyful and the enhanced multi-touch support should give users more control—zooming in and panning around content should make for an enhanced experience on Windows Mobile.

One concern with the high resolution display is that we hope things—icons, pictures, and text—will be crisper, and not smaller on that massive netbook-like display that's been crammed into a small smartphone form factor.

Here are the more specs from WMPU :

  • Launching: August/September 2010

  • CPU: Qualcomm QSD8650; 1.3GHz

  • CDMA + GSM (aka a World Phone); EvDO + HSDPA

  • Device Size: 115 x 57.5 x 11.2 mm

  • Memory (RAM/ROM): 1GB/1GB

  • External Storage: MicroSD (up to 32GB)

  • Screen Size/Type: 3.8-inch capacitive AMOLED "Multitouch Supported"

  • Screen Resolution: WXGA 1280 x 720 px

  • Camera: 10-megapixel with flash and autofocus; HD 720p [email protected] 30fps

  • Video Support: Windows Media Video (WMV), MPEG-4 (MP4/M4V) H.264, DVR-MS4; Audio Support: Windows Media Audio (WMA), Advanced Audio Coding (AAC-LC), FairPlay DRM, MP3

  • Battery: Removable 1400 mAh

  • Talk Time: Up to 7.5 hours; Standby Time: 288 hours; Internet Use: 4.5 hours (3G), 6.5 hours (WiFi)

  • Video Playback: 10 hours; Audio Playback: 30 hours

Could this be the wow factor that Windows Mobile 7 is needing? With HD video support, we certainly hope that some TV-out capabilities are included, preferably some HDMI outputs so video playback can be possible on a larger-screened HDTV.

(via: WMExperts)


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