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LG aims to deliver Android 12 update despite phone business exit

By Nadeem Sarwar April 5, 2021, 5:24 pm

So, earlier today, LG officially announced that it is shutting down its smartphone division. While the news saddened many fans and sent others down the nostalgia lane, existing LG phone users were left in the dark about the software update situation in the foreseeable future. And given the fact that the company doesn’t have a particularly stellar record with Android updates even for its existing slate of flagships, the chances of Android 12 upgrade are even slimmer. However, there is still some hope, as the South Korean electronics giant has promised to roll out Android 12 update for at least some of its phones.


LG hopes to keep buyers of its high-end phones happy, but the chances are slim

As per a support page spotted on the LG Korea website by the folks over at XDA-Developers, the company has Android 12 update currently in development for a few of its phones. While the company has not revealed what those few phones are, they will most likely be high-end devices such as the LG Wing, Velvet, and a few others in the ‘V ThinQ’ and ‘G ThinQ’ flagship lineup. However, the rollout of Android 12 update depends on Google’s own distribution schedule.


But more importantly, the Android 12 update’s wider rollout will depend on how well it runs on the target devices. And in case there are any major performance issues, the company will not proceed ahead. In simple terms, LG will not release the Android 12 update at all if there are any major issues. LG has already started the process of relocating its phone division employees to other departments, so it is likely that the software development will be running low on manpower and resources, which also means the chances of existing bugs getting dealt with are also low.

It would be a shame if relatively new and expensive devices such as the LG Wing with a swiveling screen, LG Velvet, and LG V50 ThinQ don’t receive the Android 12 upgrade at all. Of course, LG won’t have anything to lose from a bad PR if it is unable to deliver on its Android 12 promise, but it would be awesome to see the company run its last lap in the smartphone arena on a victorious note.

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