LG Active Bending display panel wraps completely around smartphone

The G Flex 2 was not the only device LG came prepared with to CES 2015 (and it wasn’t even the only one with a curved display); however, it was the only one that was publicly shown off, as there was also some behind-closed-doors action going on. According to this Korean report, on the 5th, when LG introduced the G Flex 2, LG Display unveiled a technology which would allow a smartphone screen to wrap around both edges. Think of it as the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, on steroids.

Called “Active Bending” technology, this allows a smartphone utilising such a display to have three displays, if you will, with two on the side, in addition to the main screen (and you can see a line of icons along the right edge in the image above and below). The prototype displayed is a six-inch unit, and, as such, has a lower resolution than the Note Edge at 720p. The technology used is P-AMOLED and LG will probably improve it further. As per when exactly will we see the LG Active Bending display on an official smartphone, it’s unknown. It might or might not be part of the G4, especially with rumors of a Galaxy S 6 with an Edge-like display.

LG Edge

Source: iNews24
Via: Pocket-lint

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