LeTV claims it has sold one million smartphones faster than any other new OEM

Achievements with caveats come quite often in this industry. While not on Apple levels of spectacular, these numbers do look good, though. For comparison, Xiaomi, which kicked into life in 2011, sold 400,000 units on its first year in the market. Meizu‘s first smartphone effort rendered 600,000 sales in 2009. Heck, it took OnePlus just this past year to make over a million sales. But only three months ago did LeTV start marketing a line of three smartphones — the Le 1, the Le 1 Pro and the Snapdragon 810-powered LeMax — and it has just announced its one millionth sale.

One of the ways LeTV got to the watermark? Flash sales. 50,000 Le1 units (priced starting at 1499 CNY or 233 USD) went out in 53 seconds. Another quick event had 20,000 LeMax phones (starting at 2999 CNY or 467 USD) out the door in 21 seconds. The company sells its phones online and in several brick-and-mortar outlets across China.

But Leshi Internet Information & Technology (or LeTV for short) didn’t grow within the smartphone industry. From its beginnings more than ten years ago, the company was in the online entertainment business in China. At some point, it expanded to manufacturing TVs, headphones and other peripherals (including a Smart Bike that’s set to go on sale next week, but we’ll pass on that for now).

By the way, no, they weren’t going for a French thing with the name.「乐」, the “le” in the name, means being happy or entertained and 「视」can mean vision.

This latest number seems to be a happy sight for the company, indeed.

Source: Sina Weibo (Google Translate)
Via: Tech in Asia

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