LeTV Max 2 expected out on October 27 with mouth-watering spec sheet

China’s largest online video company already made a very strong impression on local mobile consumers upon its smartphone debut six months back, reportedly reaching the 1 million unit sales milestone in record-breaking fashion.

Next up, Leshi Internet Information & Technology, or LeTV, apparently plans to come out with an early sequel for its ultra-high-end 6.33-inch Max flagship. The second-gen Android phablet should retain its predecessor’s 2K pixel count (sorry, 4K cravers), while shrinking the beastly screen to 5.7 inches, and thus sharpening it up.

Yes, 2,560 x 1,440 resolution will yield a phenomenal 515 ppi density on the LeTV Max 2, or LeMax 2, if rumors pan out. Meanwhile, the OG’s zippy but fickle octa-core Snapdragon 810 SoC was said to be replaced with an even faster and stable quad SD820 chip, though we’re starting to doubt that’s in fact doable.

LeTV has something in store for its rapidly growing fan base on October 27, and the number 2 featured on a teaser image unsubtly suggests it’s this highly anticipated follow-up to the original LeMax. But as far as we know, the Snapdragon 820 processor is only going to be ready for primetime in 2016.

LeTV Max 2 concept

If the LeTV Max 2 indeed breaks cover in less than two weeks, it’s also highly unlikely it’ll be able to act as a multitasking pioneer, with 6GB RAM in tow. Any speculated upgrades still possible? Well, a few concept renders envisioned a rotating 21MP camera, plus a polished, curved design a la Samsung’s Edge line. Besides, even if it all stays the same, the LeMax 2 should look mind-blowing on paper.

First things first though, what’s up with the direct Apple reference on the October 27 event’s visual confirmation? Could LeTV own up to certain Cupertino “influences?”

Source: Tech Grapple 
Via: Phone Arena

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