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Lenovo Z6 Pro to arrive in June with 5G and Hyper Vision Camera

By Anton D. Nagy February 28, 2019, 4:00 am
Lenovo Hyper Video

The Lenovo Z6 Pro did not come to MWC 2019, as we all expected. According to a report from Italy, the device was actually present, but not in an official capacity. Trade shows are a great place for manufacturers to show off early prototypes to select partners. In that capacity, the report suggests that the Lenovo Z6 Pro was in Barcelona, but stayed away from the public, as the company did not make an official announcement on the phone.

Instead, the phone is expected to launch sometime at the end of the second quarter, most probably in June, as hinted in the presentation. However, the company’s VP & GM Edward Chang hinted that the phone will not only bring 5G functionality, but it will also come with what Lenovo calls a Hyper Vision camera.

This camera will be able to record Hyper Videos, which are “beyond your imagination”, but that’s where the details stopped. The presentation though details the multimedia trends, from Text to Image to Video, and, eventually, to 10Gb+ Hyper Video. These correspond to 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G, respectively. There’s also a “100MP camera” text hinting towards the future. Whether that’s Lenovo branded, or general, is unknown.

Check out the short presentation below.

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