Lenovo Z5 phone with 95 percent screen-to-body ratio is coming to China next month

In addition to leading the global PC industry for several years in a row before yielding the 2017 crown to HP, Lenovo was at one point a key player in China’s enormous smartphone market, also seeking international fame with Motorola’s 2014 acquisition.

Although both mobile brands seem to be struggling nowadays, Lenovo is not backing down, continuing to flood the market with an extensive Western-first Moto lineup while preparing something big to try to regain its domestic relevance.

The Lenovo Z5 is officially slated for a June announcement (no specific date given), gunning for the spotlight with an “all-screen” design. That doesn’t sound very special in this day and age, but the Chinese tech giant wants to crush all previous smartphone screen-to-body ratio records.

We’re looking at a handset made up of around 95 percent screen, leaving minimal bezel space and, obviously, no room for front-mounted buttons. There will be no notch, according to a sketch posted on Weibo last week, and almost imperceptible borders around the curvy edges of the no doubt premium device, based on two teaser images you can piece together to check out the left half of the Z5.

The Lenovo Z5 name, by the way, seems connected to the company’s old high-end Vibe Z family, even though we never got a Z3 or Z4. If this thing launches in the Western Hemisphere, a stock Android experience may help it get even more attention. But where will Lenovo find room for a selfie camera? We should find out no later than next month.

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