The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro isn’t the only new tablet Lenovo’s got to announce today, though with that integrated pico projector, it’s quite the spotlight-grabber. The rest of the manufacturer’s new tablet offerings may not include such unusual features, but still manages to offer a nice selection of sizes and OS options: let’s take a look at the multiple new Yoga Tablet 2 models.

There are four primary configurations for the Yoga Tablet 2, combining either eight or ten-inch screen sizes with your choice of Android or Windows for the OS. All four are powered by quad-core Intel Atom SoCs, have 2GB of RAM, support micro SD expansion, and have 8MP main cameras with 1.6MP front-facers. The Android versions arrive with 16GB internal storage, while the Windows models bump that up to 32GB. 4G connectivity will be available as an option in certain areas, but it won’t be coming to the US.

They’ve all got that iconic convertible kickstand design, and this year Lenovo adds a new mode to how users can interact with the Yoga, introducing a “hang” setting for suspending their tablets from above. As for sales, the eight and ten-inch Android models come out today, going for about 230 EUR and 300 EUR, respectively. The ten-inch Windows tablet arrives later this month for nearly 400 EUR, followed by the Windows eight-incher in November for more like 250 EUR.

Source: Lenovo

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