A 2-in-1 tablet usually means that we’re talking about laptop form factor, too. But with Lenovo’s Yoga Book announced at its IFA pre-game show today, “2-in-1” can also refer to the software — you can choose to get an Android version or one with Windows 10.

Here’s the twist with this convertible, though: it has no physical buttons.

There’s a 10.1-inch 1920 x 1200 display on one side and a capacitive pad on the other that can house the virtual Halo Keyboard or the Create Pad. The Halo Keyboard only appears as you hit a text box, is able to provide word suggestions and can haptically respond to “guide typing and reduce mistakes”. At other times, you can use the Real Pen stylus (just about the size of an actual pen) and its 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity and 100 degrees of the nib to write, draw, brush and more on the blank-slate Creative Pad.


Here’s the weird part: if you really want to take notes on paper and have it appear on your Yoga Book, you can put some (Lenovo-provided) paper on top of the Creative Pad and start writing with the Real Pen in real ink — the pen uses real ink cartridges and no batteries. You’ll get a physical copy in addition to a file on Lenovo’s Note Saver Android app or on OneNote. Lenovo’s touting these dual applications as world firsts.

No bulky keys can mean lots of space saved and mass carved off. We’re talking thickness of 9.6mm when folded and as thin as 4.05mm on the tapered edge when open.

Stuffing more silicon talk in, we’ve got an Intel Atom x5-Z8550 with four cores topping out at 2.4GHz supported by 4GB of RAM and a 8.5Ah battery to last users up to 13 hours. 64GB of storage come standard with a microSD slot ready for up to 128GB more. Dolby Sound helps the device’s speakers out, too. You get an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 2-megapixel video call camera. The device is also LTE-enabled for the US GSM carriers and has GPS.


You can get the Lenovo Yoga Book in gold with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow for $499 or grab it in black with Windows 10 Home/Pro with Office Mobile installed for $549. The company’s looking to an October release timeframe.

Source: Lenovo

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