Third wacky Lenovo Yoga Book variant is in the works, complete with Chrome OS and Real Pen

Say what you will about Lenovo, its lack of “pull” in the smartwatch market, inability to turn a smartphone profit or many branding hesitations, but when it comes to convertible tablets and hybrid laptops, this is a company that’s not afraid to experiment.

Of course, there are good and bad experiments, risks worth taking and pointless gambles, with that funky new Yoga Book unveiled at IFA Berlin definitely falling under clever concepts capable of developing a cult following.

Apparently warmly received across important markets like China, Japan or Germany, as well as so far scoring “average” US sales, the Android and Windows 2-in-1 computers are now confirmed as merely road openers for a whole family of “Real Pen”-wielding gadgets.

Next up, Lenovo plans to also launch a crazy versatile Yoga Book model with Chrome OS running the software show, aimed primarily at the education segment. By the sound of things, the Yoga Chromebook could break cover very soon, maybe as early as January 2017, during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The goal is then to “probably maintain the three distinctive products throughout this year at least”, after which the Android and Chrome versions might ultimately “meld together.” Wait, is that Andromeda gossip corroboration? Not exactly, but we’re still happy to hear the Real Pen stylus and “Halo” keyboard are slowly gaining traction.

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