Lenovo’s Yoga Book was an amazing mix of beauty, utility and sheer sleekness. One side was a touch display while the other was a touch panel keyboard with a matte glass finish. Users could also write directly on the panel, though it ended up scratching the whole deal like a toddler with crayons and a wall.

That said, the company hasn’t given up. It has decided to reveal the Yoga Book 2 at Computex — this time around, there are two full touch displays meeting each other at the hinge. It would be thinner and lighter than the original Yoga Book, but there’s no telling when this will actually come out.

Supposedly, though, the company is aiming for within the next year as Lenovo has already teased a “Generation 3” product with a foldable display for 2019.

ASUS also got its share of drools from the innovation crowd with its Project Precog device, a dual-screen laptop set to come out next year with artificial intelligence pre-cognizing when users have a mouse and keyboard around to use and when to generate its own keyboard. It also has a stylus and battery conservation algorithms as well.

We don’t know if the Yoga Book 2 will also have Android and Windows variants.

Both devices are expected to adopt the ninth-generation Whiskey Lake Intel Core processors in their U- and Y-series forms. While the former is intended for stronger mobile setups than the latter, both should run quite nicely in thin, thin casings.

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