Say goodbye to Lenovo Vibe phones, as Lemon and Moto brands should absorb them soon

The global ruler of the ailing PC market must take drastic action to stop its smartphone business from bleeding money after a not-so-smooth Motorola acquisition. Apparently, there’s not enough room under the Android sun for both Lenovo-branded handhelds and Motos, so before long, the Vibe family could go extinct.

We’ve seen a slim-bezeled, premium built and hardly extravagant Vibe X3 5.5-inch device unveiled as recently as last week, but if Chinese media reports relayed by Digitimes are correct, this might be the product roster’s swan song.

Surprised? Upset? Well, it’s not like the Vibe Z, Z2, X2, X2 Pro or Vibe Shot ever made it to the Western mainstream landscape. They primarily targeted Asian audiences, which continue to favor ultra-low-cost gadgets (plus iPhones), and that should find solace going forward in the sub-CNY 3,000 ($470) Lemon lineup.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen if future Moto E, G and X spin-offs ranging from Yuan 1,500 to 5,000 ($235 – $780) can stir things up in China in addition to generally friendly US and European markets.

Back to Lemons (for Lenovo’s sake, hopefully not literally), it appears they’ll be split in two sub-brands, with K-series models priced as low as the equivalent of $90, and the X series starting at $300+. Bottom line, Lenovo Vibes may well morph into Lemon Xs, so this is likely another reorganization effort rather than a sign the Chinese tech giant is scaling down its smartphone production.

Source: Digitimes

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