It’s time to meet Lenovo’s ‘Transform the Smartphone’ finalists, and help fund exciting new Moto Mods

After apparently receiving over 700 submissions from 55 countries and 30 states within the past few months, the ambitious makers of the unique modular Moto Z phones have finally settled on a dozen of Indiegogo campaigns they feel show the most potential… on paper.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the “ultimate” Moto Mod with wireless charging and IR emitters leads the list of “Transform the Smartphone Challenge” finalists, alongside a candidate also aiming to bring wireless charging to the table in addition to the “smartest and most advanced notification system in the world.”

This latter crowdfunding project has actually managed to raise an impressive $8,000+ already for the development of an Edge Force or Edge Air Moto Z add-on. The difference is the former packs its own 2000mAh cell instead of a wireless charging receiver, both snap-on accessories however featuring a “notification supercharge” system as their main selling point.

The idea is basically to customize each type of alert you might be interested in with a dedicated color and glow pattern to know what’s happening on your phone without picking it up or looking at its display.

Meanwhile, the “ultimate” project has a cool $4,500 pledged to its name, with other concepts not proving quite as popular yet. Shortlisted campaigns also include a smart walkie talkie, solar battery, smart remote, earphones, Swiss army knife, smart wallet, sterilizer and digital recorder mods.

Based on “originality, commercial viability, overall use of the Moto Z modular platform and crowdfunding success”, prize winners will be chosen by Lenovo in early March, then battling for up to a combined $1 million investment. Which one are you backing, and why?

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