Lenovo wraps up Tech World with introduction of fitness-tracking smart shoes

A pair of modular Moto-branded smartphones (or rather, normal phones with snap-on modules), the world’s first commercial product to integrate Google’s AR Tango technology, two surprisingly advanced foldable gadget prototypes, and… smart shoes?!

As odd as it sounds, that’s the eclectic device roster Lenovo displayed on a glitzy San Francisco stage at the Tech World conference yesterday. There’s probably no need to explain why we got to the connected footwear last, since we’re clearly dealing with a pre-release concept unlikely to hit stores anytime soon.

Still, we have to admit the idea of moving certain health-monitoring sensors from the wrist or pocket to a nice pair of sports sneakers you’ll normally be wearing when running anyway is actually quite logical and appealing. It definitely makes more sense than developing smart belts, shirts and so on, with basic step-counting functionality obviously built in, plus the ability to estimate calories burned and keep an eye on distance covered.

A unique selling point would no doubt be the power to control custom-made games (yes, with your feet), but once again, we must underline you’re looking at something likely to never be commercialized. Cool yet impractical:

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