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One year ago, we were hardly talking about Lenovo smartphones at all. Maybe it would pop up in the news when rumored to be thinking about buying BlackBerry (or HTC), and once in a while an interesting device caught our eye, but 2014 has positively seen Lenovo’s position in the global smartphone market explode. News of its plans to acquire Motorola turned the world’s attention to the manufacturer and its smartphone efforts, and its fantastic growth in Asia started becoming too big to ignore. Since then we’ve seen the company deliver some really compelling handsets, like the monster that is the Vibe Z2 Pro, and today we pick up on one new detail that really helps cement for us Lenovo’s new place in the smartphone world, as the company starts transitioning from a computer manufacturer that sells smartphones, to a smartphone maker that also sells computers.

In its latest quarterly report, Lenovo talks about having shipped more smartphones than PCs for the first time ever, moving some 15.8 million handsets in Q2 alone.

That said, for the moment at least, Lenovo is still making a lot more money from computers than it is from smartphones, even if it’s shipping fewer units. But this shift really seems to speak to the company’s willingness to evolve, and change its whole manufacturing focus to reflect where consumer interest is headed. And with this Motorola deal yet to be finalized, it’s probably fair to say that the future will find Lenovo becoming an even more high-profile smartphone manufacturer, and help continue this trend towards phones being a larger and larger part of its business.

Source: Computer World

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