You may have noticed a bunch of reviews on the Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant built-in have been published in time for an embargo today. That embargo actually coincides with the launch of sales, Google says.

As a reminder, the Lenovo Smart Display is one of several Google Assistant machines with screens that’s meant to take on Amazon’s Alexa-enabled Echo Show. There are two sizes to this particular version: the 8-incher is $199.99 while the 10-inch model is $249.99. It gives a dedicated interface to Google Assistant that’s independent of all aspects of Android. While it does have a touch display, it uses far-field microphones and responds to queries and commands like a Google Home speaker would.

With that display, though, comes some privileges. For those who don’t have a subscription, every Smart Display purchase gives users three free months of YouTube Premium. Sold separately, viewers can also watch over-the-top TV services through YouTube TV as well. Combined with music streaming and smart appliance controls and that pretty much sums things up for what this thing can do.

Google has announced its availability in stores and online at Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Lenovo, Sam’s Club, Walmart and other retailers, though at the time of writing, we were not able to access product listing webpages with most retailers. Lenovo itself is proclaim shipping waits of up to 4 weeks.

Perhaps the press release came just a bit too early this time. You might be able to try your luck at brick-and-mortar shops, though.

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