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Lenovo Smart Clock is only $34.99 during Cyber Monday

By Roland Udvarlaki November 29, 2021, 9:30 am
Lenovo Smart Clock Cyber Monday

The Lenovo Smart Clock is one of the first devices to feature a smart clock functionality and have Google Assistant built-in. The Lenovo Smart Clock received several price cuts over time and at special events, and you can pick it up for only $34.99 at BestBuy during Cyber Monday.

If you’re tired of setting the clock manually in your home, and you want some smart functionality inside your bedside alarm, the Lenovo Smart Clock may just be the best option you didn’t know you needed. It has a built-in Google Assistant, it can automatically set the time, you can easily set recurring alarms, and you can do so much more thanks to the 4-inch LCD touchscreen. You can ask a question from Google, and it can then be displayed on the screen.


It’s a Google Nest Mini on steroids, and it only costs $10 more. The clock interface has a few other designs you can choose from, and it can also stream video from supported security cameras. The one thing you can’t do is nest videos such as on more powerful Nest Hubs that feature an even more feature-rich Google Assistant, and better displays.

The Lenovo Smart Clock is an excellent pick at the current $34.99 price tag, and it only costs $10 more than the Nest Mini. It also has a USB port that can charge other devices, reducing the need for even more cables on your desk or bedside table. The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 offers slightly more features, but it also costs significantly more at $49.99 at BestBuy.

There’s also a Lenovo Smart Clock Essential that features a standard screen, and it can also display the weather. It has Google Assistant built-in, and it has a stylish design. We’ve also found the Lenovo Smart Clock with a Lenovo Color Smart Bulb for only $39.88 at Walmart.

Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo Smart Clock

Built-in Google Assistant

It comes with Google Assistant built-in, and a 4-inch LCD display to interact with notifications, alarms, and a lot more. The speaker lets you listen to music and check on support security cameras.


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