Android device manufacturers sure enjoy their alphabet soups. Samsung’s “streamlined” product portfolio goes from A to C to E, J, O(n) and even Z if you also count Tizen models, while Sony has recently circled back from Z to X, reportedly considering dropping C, E or M series pretty soon.

Then there’s Motorola, or rather Lenovo, which inherited the Moto E, G and X families from Google, and after a couple of years of struggles, financial losses and seemingly ineffective restructuring moves, went the opposite way compared to Sony, essentially replacing X with Z.

Technically, the Moto X “is alive and well”, but the chances of seeing a fourth-gen addition to the lineup felt slim for a good few months now. That didn’t stop various rumormongers from mongering about an XT1662 benchmarked not long ago with a 4.6-inch Full HD screen in tow.

It turns out Lenovo has no plans to so massively shrink the display diagonal of the Moto X Style, Play or Force (duh), instead likely aiming for a new letter. A very knowledgeable source when it comes to this sort of thing (though not exactly @evleaks) claims the compact MediaTek-powered phone will be branded along the lines of Lenovo Moto M. Or just plain and simple Moto M. And yes, it should sit between the G and Z on the hardware totem pole, featuring 3GB RAM, a Helio P10 SoC, and 16/8MP cameras.

Source: HelloMotoHK

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