Baffling Moto G5S gets rendered in trio of paint jobs with all-metal construction

If you thought Lenovo’s overcrowded low-end Moto-branded smartphone roster was getting confusing with the recent C and C Plus announcements, wait until the G5S breaks cover, presumably a few months down the line, to make the company’s release “strategy” even harder to comprehend.

Now, granted, the “standard” Moto G5 and G5 Plus are already clearly superior to the C duo, as well as the upcoming E4 and E4 Plus, vastly improving the build quality and marginally upgrading the specs of last year’s G4 and G4 Plus.

But that’s precisely what makes an H2 2017 gS/gS+ launch seem so puzzling at a first glance, especially with an X4 also in the pipeline, aimed at covering the gap between the G5 Plus and high-end Z2 family.

How on earth does Lenovo intend to set the Moto G5S and G5S Plus apart from the G5 and G5 Plus on one side and the X4 on the other? Full metal designs are certainly a good start, a dual camera arrangement is apparently in the cards for the plus-sized version, and we’re still rooting for reasonable prices.

Don’t let yourselves fooled, by the way, as the regular G5 and G5 Plus aren’t made entirely of premium aluminum. This G5S rendered above is, and the cosmetic distinctions are subtle but noticeable and important. No more plastic around the edges, the antenna lines stand out for a change, and hello there, iconic “Batwing” dimple. The three new shades of grey, gold and blue feel somewhat different as well, though we might be looking for alterations a little too desperately.

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