Time to also check out the unreleased Moto G5S Plus in sharp render form, dual cam and all

Resistance is futile at this point, so let’s just try to accept and embrace Lenovo’s overpopulated 2017 Moto-branded smartphone lineup. Besides, choice and diversity are inherently good things, as long as you can wrap your head around exactly what makes the impending G5S and S+ special and different from existing mid-range G5 and G5 Plus models.

Now, most of the two S variants’ specs remain under wraps, so it’s still tricky to definitively compare them with “regular” G5 configurations. But a set of high-quality renders leaked yesterday appeared to “confirm” the slightly superior construction of the Moto G5S, and another batch of press-friendly images today substantiates the biggest G5S Plus upgrade over its sibling, cousins and forerunners.

As expected, this is a trend-following dual rear-facing camera affair, which even makes the Moto G5S Plus (or gS+) unique when pitted against the high-end Z and Z Force from last year. Of course, two main shooters are also in the pipeline for the 2017 Z2 Force (possibly, the standard Z2 as well), and we don’t imagine Lenovo will endow the G5S+ with the very best dual lens system in the world.

Still, a couple of 13MP sensors are reportedly in the mix, alongside dual-LED flash, front-facing flash, a 5.5-inch 1080p display, real full metal jacket, circular fingerprint reader sitting below the screen and doubling as a home button, as well as at least four color options, including gold, grey, a silver and white combination, and gold/white blend. Not bad for, say, $270 or so. $300 tops.

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