Lenovo K4 Note with 3GB RAM practically confirmed, rumored for CES debut

Even though Lenovo’s smartphone business restructuring and cost-cutting efforts are set to continue, likely seeing the Vibe family exit the scene as the focus moves chiefly on Lemon and Moto-branded devices, the K Note series should also get a refreshment before long.

Not very familiar with Lenovo K Notes? That’s probably because they’ve predominantly targeted a budget-conscious Indian and Chinese audience thus far. The K3 Note launched last March, incorporating such respectable but short of remarkable features like a 5.5-inch Full HD screen, octa-core MediaTek SoC, and 2GB RAM.

A “killer” sequel has been teased on Twitter for a while, and the latest buzz-building image makes it clear – the Lenovo K4 Note will pack 3GB RAM. Well, technically, the OEM leaves the decision to its social media fans, but 4 gigs isn’t an option, and anything less than 3… really isn’t an option.

No dreaming of a multitasking-friendly surprise either, as the company’s Indian division reps took the time to interact with essentially every contestant participant and “sadly” rejected the 4GB possibility.

Lenovo K4 Note metal

On the bright side, an earlier revealed pic seemed to star a fairly premium design, with a metal frame in tow, large rear camera lens, fingerprint scanner, and overall vibe (no pun intended) of a global affordable flagship. If we’re not reading too much into these hints, the Lenovo K4 Note might go official at CES in Las Vegas in under two weeks ahead of an Eastern and Western commercial release.

Source: Twitter
Via: BGR

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