Lenovo gives ‘sneak peek’ at IFA 2017 ‘product launch’, no new devices in sight

When it comes to building up hype for tech announcement events, different companies often employ very different strategies. For instance, LG usually likes to be straightforward about an unreleased phone’s features and key selling points, revealing them however one by one so as to make as many headlines as possible.

Meanwhile, Samsung insists on staying all vague and cryptic regarding the Galaxy Note 8, although we already know pretty much everything about it. Sony is trying to keep an even lower profile in reportedly cooking up two new flagship phones, whereas Lenovo might be trying to dazzle and confuse us.

The always busy manufacturer of own-brand and Motorola phones, as well as various tablets, convertibles, laptops and immersive headsets, is today offering us a so-called “sneak peek” at the company’s “2017 holiday product launch.”

Sounds extremely exciting, but the only problem is we aren’t able to catch a glimpse of a single unreleased device in Lenovo’s entire 51-second IFA 2017 teaser video. Check that, the Alexa-powered Smart Assistant, Lenovo’s as-yet untitled Windows Holographic VR headset and the special edition Star Wars AR goggles are technically all unreleased.

While we’re certainly curious to hear more about the three, hopefully including release dates and price tags, it’d be terribly disappointing if Lenovo “forgot” to also bring at least a couple of all-new products to Berlin on August 31.

The oft-leaked Moto X4, perchance? Some additional next-gen Moto Mods, at least? More stock Android-running “killer” handsets? A refreshed Tango-enabled Phab Pro with improved software support? A bunch of new Yoga-series hybrid laptops? The possibilities are essentially endless.

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