Lenovo offers sneak peek of IFA 2016 product roster, new Moto 360 and Moto Mods included

Eager to get a head start on Apple that may prove essential for the company’s Q3 financial results and especially Q4 sales, lucrative holiday season included, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 7 several weeks before the expected iPhone 7 announcement, also significantly minimizing the IFA 2016’s importance in the eyes of mobile tech enthusiasts.

But the Gear S3 smartwatch and Galaxy Tab S3 are still most likely slated for Berlin appearances shortly, and alongside them, Asus, Sony, Acer and Huawei should roll out “new and exciting” gadgets at one of Germany’s oldest industrial exhibitions between August 31 and September 7.

You can today add Lenovo to the list of high-profile IFA exhibitors, as it turns out the jam-packed Tech World event from back June was merely supposed to whet our appetite for a hefty-looking inventory of “devices that blur the lines of creativity and productivity”, being “different for the sake of better.”

Meaningless advertising slogans aside, Lenovo explicitly tells us to look for new Moto Mods, tablets, presumably running both Android and Windows, and a third-gen Moto 360 at its big August 31 “Holiday Product Launch.”

A bunch of laptops, chiefly of the convertible type, are unsurprisingly coming too, plus updates on those forward-thinking bendable smartphones. That’s more prototype demos, to be clear, not commercial-ready devices, which will take at least another couple of years. Still pretty darn exciting, right?

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