With all eyes on both Lenovo’s own-brand and Motorola-labeled next big things, we were this close to ignoring the next big thing after modular smartphones and augmented reality, which the Chinese tech giant also offered a glimpse at during its jam-packed San Francisco keynote yesterday.

If you happen to play back the two-hour Tech World-opening conference on YouTube, and pay attention around the 11-minute mark, you’ll get to quickly gaze at possibly the fiercest rival for Samsung’s long-in-development Galaxy X.

As it turns out, Lenovo has been working hard on foldable handhelds and tablets too, the former already being able to wrap around your wrist like an uncomfortable smart bracelet, while the latter can seamlessly switch from a traditional 10-incher or so to a half as large but twice as thick phone with front and back screens.

As you probably expect, the functional yet preliminary, unpolished prototypes are still a long way from completion and commercial releases. No idea exactly how long, though it’s certainly promising to see a number of flexible components brought together for a public demo at last. Hopefully, we’ll be allowed to play with them more soon enough, and provide you some exclusive hands-on feedback. Stay tuned!

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